Affordable and Accessible Housing

Affordable housing is essential to our economic growth and to retain our tradition as a just and inclusive community. Access to housing is a basic right. With large number of our resident households in Rochester, MN struggling to make rent every month, more needs to be done to provide affordable housing and help those at risk of being evicted. Homelessness and Vulnerable Communities, when I am elected to the City Council member, I will expand our longstanding efforts to reduce and eliminate homelessness among veterans, individuals, and families. By strengthening the structure and governance of the Committee at City Council for Homelessness, she will ensure that Rochester is prioritizing the housing of families, youth and individuals experiencing street homelessness. Saida’s plan includes to strengthened City of Rochester housing anti-discrimination laws by working city administrators to pass the Housing Justice Act. This protects vulnerable communities and provides individuals with access to a safe, affordable home.

Equitable and Meaningful Employment

Saida enthusiastically will create a policy environment that makes it easier for businesses to succeed and attract high-quality workers. As self-employed and CEO small business owner and Graduate with degree. I will continue to look for ways to improve on the Rochester’s economic development plan. I will support tax incentives to help small businesses cover early childhood and education expenses, invested in workforce development opportunities at the college and professional training levels including the expansion of the RCTC campus, and promoted transit hubs, amenities, and affordable housing in our developing economic corridors.

Inclusive, Family-oriented Parks and Recreation

I believe that Public Safety, Affordable Housing and Economic Development are most important for our city. I believe that residents should have places to enjoy their family time. I am a proponent of our Parks and Recreation department and our Public Libraries. Rochester’s fabulous parks allow our families to enjoy our green spaces, recreation centers and trails. With a top-rated Library system, I believe we can encourage our residents to further their knowledge and enjoy reading and multimedia available throughout the city. Along with the above, I will be transparent and accountable.